Agile Video RF Modulator (Ch 2-78)
Wavecom A2020

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For full specifications, please see the manufacturer's page (Wavecom is now known as Vecima Networks). These units were pulled from service at a video on demand company, tested and guaranteed not to be dead on arrival. A laser printed copy of the manual will be included (or, email for a pdf link).

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What it does

In your home: An A2020 agile modulator adds any North American (NTSC) composite video signal to any unused channel on your household cable (between cable channel 2 and 78). Use one or more to add your own personal channels to your home's channel lineup: a security camera, a baby monitor, a satellite receiver, or any other video source. You can view and channel surf to your personal channels as if they were any other cable channel. For more information on how to set it up, check this tutorial.

Amateur Television:A2020s are great for use in amateur television (aka HAM TV) setups. The Wavecom A2020 can be set to any of the amateur TV channels in the 70cm band (channels 57-60, or 420-444MHz). One customer made a wireless mobile broadcasting unit, check out his setup - HAM TV at San Jose's Christmas in the Park 2007.

Professional: The Wavecom A2020 isn't just any agile modulator. The A2020 is an industrial unit designed for professional installations. It's output is much more powerful than typical consumer agile modulators, and it also has better output filtering. Consumer models often bleed into adjacent channels, requiring you to leave several empty channels between each used channel. When the output power is adjusted properly, the A2020 will not bleed into adjacent channels.

What you'll need

You will need a 12V power source (a wall adapter, or your computer's 12v line) and adapters to connect RCA audio and video cables to the threaded F-type connectors on the A2020. The 12V connector is 5.5mm O.D., 2.5mm I.D., center positive, and the A2020 draws 600mA.
Connector Kit ($5): A connector kit is now available for $5. It includes two F-type to RCA adapters and the correct 5.5/2.5 jack for the 12V socket. If you don't require the entire kit, contact me, I'm very flexible.

Wall Adapter ($12): 12V wall adapters suitable for use with an A2020 are available for $12. These may affect shipping cost of an A2020, depending on order size and destination.
You will also need a combination of trap/filters (to block interference on the channels you intend to use), splitters/combiners, coaxial cable, and F-type cable connectors. Exact requirements will depend on the details of your system, and I will be glad to assist in planing your installation.
Splitters/combiners ($4): 2-way, 3-way and 4-way splitter/combiners are available for $4 each. They are Antronix CMC2000H series parts (CMC2002H, CMC2003H, and CMC2004H respectively, email for spec. sheet).

Cable (???): I have many lengths and types of coaxial cable available, including lengths with connectors and bulk bare RG-6, and dual RG-59. Please inquire for details.

Traps ($7): Traps that block channels 43-53 are available for $7 (PPC UBR 43/53). I may be able to help you source other traps, please ask.

UHF version

The UHF version (option 2F9 for cable channels 79-133) may be available in very limited quantities. Email for details.

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price: Temporarily out of stock

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